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“ Try it sometime. Concentrate intently upon another person seated in a room with you, without him noticing it. Observe them gradually become restless and finally turn and look in your direction. Simple - yet it is a positive demonstration that thought generates a mental energy which can be projected from your mind to the consciousness of another. Do you realize how much of your success and happiness in life depend on your influencing others? Is it not important to you to have others understand your point of view- to be receptive to your proposals? How many times have you wish there were someway you could impress another favorably – That thoughts can be transmitted, received, and understood by others is now scientifically demonstrable. Details of miraculous accomplishments of mine by the ancients are now known to be fact – not fable. The method whereby these things can be intentionally not accidentally, accomplished has been a secret long cherished by though Rosicrucians – one of the schools of ancient wisdom existing throughout the world.”

1959 Rosicrucians ad in Organic Gardening magazine  - Your Thoughts Have Wings

City Chicken - A Classic American Recipe from the Rustlebelt

City Chicken - A Classic American Recipe from the Rustlebelt

American Vintage- Carnival Glass