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Freshen Up with Lithiated Lemon-Lime

Freshen Up with Lithiated Lemon-Lime


It’s a pretty widely known piece of history that the originial Coca~Cola, at the beginning of its creation contained Cocaine. Carbonated waters were being touted as health elixirs …

Similarly, upon its creation, Bib label lithiated lemon lime, we now know as 7UP contained an interesting ingredient. Advertised to lift moods (is that where the UP comes from in 7UP?) lithiated lemon lime contained, yes you may have logically already guess Lithium.  The same lithium prescribed for schisophrenia and bipolar disorder. Most may think of it as molecular medicine but it’s actually a naturally occurring element. The same resourceful element used to charge batteries and one of the original 3 basic elements of the universe.

They were right about their slogan. Hailed for improving mood and curing hangovers. 

It takes the ouch out of the grouch."

interestingly enough, there may actually be some relevance to this seemingly absurd notion of dosing carbonated waters with elements. A more current look at Lithium portrayed in a New York Times article from 2014, talks about Lithium (which is actually also a naturally occcuring element) in groundwater and its possible benefits of microdoses “beneficial clinical, behavioral, legal and medical outcomes.”

Trying to make sense of their results, the authors of the Japanese study speculated that lithium exposure, even in these tiny amounts, might actually be neuroprotective or even enhance the growth of neurons. Other studies have supported their speculation; lithium appears to promote the health, growth and resilience of neurons, reducing stress-induced damage.

The older misunderstood ways of addressing mental illness have encouraged a false stigma about lithium. Often extremely high doses were used, resulting in kidney damage and toxicity that outweighed any benefits. But doctors and researchers haven’t given up on its benefits. 

Aside from Lithium, other notable substances and drugs are being researched for their therapeutic qualities with MICRODOSING and carbonated health elixirs seem to be making a come back despite the presence of added drugs ::sips kombucha::

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[1] The New York Times, Should We All Take a Bit of Lithium? Fels, 2014

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