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"Good Taste" 1965

"Good Taste" 1965

excerpts from:

The Doubleday Book of Interior Decorating, 1965

by Albert Kornfeld

Doubleday & Company, Inc {NY}



Your taste is the sum-total of your likes and dislikes. It impels you towards certain people, certain ideas, and certain things. It propels you away from others. Many people are surrounded by good taste from birth. Others acquire a sense of discrimination from teacher or knowledgeable individuals. Still others improve their taste by observation and awareness. Your taste is influenced by many factors including heredity, environment, education and experience. It is the sum-total of your likes and dislikes. anyone willing to spend time studying examples of good taste can acquire it. 

..Taste is not a static quality... taste improves with knowledge and develops with experience... Although two persons with similar backgrounds often share the same interests, it does not necessarily follow that they will both like Brahms, Portugal, crepes suzette, the ballet, and needlepoint; or that they will dislike Jackson Pollack, Prokofiev, table tennis, and halibut. It is likely however, that they will share the same basic attitudes...


Taste is always in a state of flux because new designs are constantly being created. There is, however, a world of difference between a fad and a sound style...a lasting style develops out of what has preceded it and gradually assumes it proper importance in the evolution of fashion. 

Nostalgia plays an important role in the taste of many people. It accounts for the popularity of traditional or. Decoration route which represents a harkening back to the “good old days “and example of this is that called for early American designs.

Classic tastes can never be dull. the excellent arrangement of pieces in the room above enhances the beauty of the Louis XVI furniture while adding lightness and charm to its formality.

If you look at the styles of the past as well as contemporary designs, and with in appraising and thoughtful eye, excepting what you consider is right for your way of life and rejecting what is not, you will soon become recognized as a person of taste.

Such a discerning eye is not acquired overnight, but once you acquire it, the world in which you live will take on a new significance. We’re good design, the basic principles of balance between Bud’s fabrics lights and dark color salads and patterns must apply to rooms of all periods and styles. 

Billie Burke | Vintage Hollywood

Billie Burke | Vintage Hollywood