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American Vintage- Carnival Glass

 ~ Carnival glass -- iridescent/metallic  pressed or blown glass originally made first circa 1908 by Fenton Art Glass Co -- also known as Aurora glass, dope glass, rainbow glass, and poor man's Tiffany.

Most popular in the 1920s, carnival glass gets it iridescent sheen from the application of metallic salts while the glass is still hot from pressing. Often the pieces do not bear marks (depending on manufacturer) and are most commonly seen in marigold, amethyst, blue, and green.

Previously these mass made glass wares were often given away with promotional offers and as prizes at carnivals - hence the name. There is certainly an increased demand and desire for the art glass that was once so commonplace and there’s no doubt that depression glass collector’s love a good piece of carnival glass.

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For more information on how Carnival glass was made click here.



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