《 Penumbra is the space between light & shade at the edge of a shadow; the half-light transition at the edge of darkness. Visually, penumbra is related to contrast. Psychologically it is a °•magical•° area of potential transformation. 》

— Gary P Kolb, Photographing in the Studio 1993

Vintage boutique studio specializing in vintage themed portraiture, creative portraits & press kits for creative professionals, visual branding for small businesses (specializing in creative and healing arts), event photography, collaborations, digital remastering & restoration services, giclée fine art prints, film & digital photography workshops & lessons.

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Offering “Ladies Night In” portrait parties - Inquiries & rates via contact@ellementsphotography.com Perfect for birthdays & bridal gifts.

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Wardrobe & props supplied by, rented & resold by Skeeter's Attic Vintage boutique.

Vintage studio space available for rentals.